About Janae

I grew up on a lake in upstate NY, where I  where I enjoyed childhood. As a successful gymnast, I was recruited and received a scholarship to compete for a top 10 University (Pennsylvania State University). I loved college athletics. I enjoyed being involved as an athlete and earned many accolades. 

I was in my prime...

I was in my prime and ecstatic for this highly anticipated senior season. Until... the second home meet of the season, I suffered a career ending injury! I was no longer a gymnast. 

The rest of the season, I was overwhelmed with the repercussions of this major injury, still captaining the team and traveling to meets. However, following a semester abroad, and settling into the working world – it all hit me. For my whole life, I was “Janae the gymnast.” Now, who was I? My identity was wrapped up in my sport. I struggled...for years! My experience was not in vain as it spawned my vision to help others as the struggle is out there, but the support is not. 

I have since successfully worked through other transitions in my journey. I resigned from a successful corporate career in NYC, moved solo to San Diego, started a business, met my man, had one... two...three...four amazing boys...and a baby girl! I have done Mental Training with HeadGames for over 15 years and have led over 2,000 live webinars.

I help athletes get recruited to college with JH Consulting. I have loved being a mom from day one- and yes led many baby meetups and playgroups. I have completed a 30-week church counseling program, have 1/2 of my master's degree (does that count?), I have led family and women's community groups.

I have written books. I have more books to write- I am so excited about my business. I consider myself a "good enough" girl (for the most part) and feel I am healthier and happier for it. People are too stressed- I feel cool, calm and collected (for the most part- I mean, I am raising 5 littles!). I am close to my family. My grandparents were married for 70 years, my parents for 51 and counting, our legacy of love continues with my husband and I (16 years and counting). I homeschool my kids, always have. I am bold, I am faithful, adventurous (we took our family RVing to 31 states in 3 months...and are itching to go again), I am personable and fun. I am working on being a go-giver over a go-getter. I am a much better person with God leading me, rather than trying to do it myself.

Navigating my personal transitions..

Navigating my personal transitions and the transitions of those I work with, I have come out thriving with a gift of wisdom to share. I hope to come alongside those journeying through the various transitions of life, helping them thrive.

Every phase of life presents a new transition that while in the middle of the mess- I remember craving support or someone to walk me through the complexities of marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, entrepreneurship, faith, homeschooling, and...balancing it all! I wanted it all simply spelled out for me with guidance. You have heard the saying; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Well, Transition...What Now? (TWN) is one way I can do that. I feel at each stage I have read books, sought mentorship, fumbled, figured it out, grown, gained wisdom and confidence. I have successfully balanced all of these areas.

I know now what I wished I knew then. 

I have knowledge to impart...

I do have knowledge to impart- TWN is the [virtual] hand holding, simplified, guidance you desire. You can go it alone (at what cost) or you can transition with support. Take that leap of faith and I will guide you to the jump for joy!